Calculate Sum of Ranks (SoR)

Based on WCA data as of Jun 20, 2024

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What is Sum of Ranks (SoR)?

Sum of Ranks is one way of measuring a cuber's overall performance rather than measuring just one event. To compute a Sum of Ranks, we simply add up the cuber's rank in each event. It is possible to compute a cuber's Sum of Ranks at a global level, continental level, and national level.

What does my Sum of Ranks mean?

Lower scores are better. For example, since the world record holder is ranked 1st in the world, their rank for that event is 1.

Alternatives to Sum of Ranks

Sum of Ranks is just one way to measure the all-round abilities of a cuber. If you want to know your Kinch score, you can visit our Kinch Calculator as well.

Different methods will have different tradeoffs, and not everyone agrees on which is better. That's why we provide multiple ways to measure your all-round abilities.