How do I know if I'm sub-X?

Have you ever wondered if you are sub-10, sub-15, sub-20, etc? Is 100 solves enough to know if you are sub-X?

Some people say that you need 100, 500 or even 1000 solves to be sure. There is a better way to know if you are sub-X on the Rubik's Cube. This tool uses statistics to calculate confidence.

Number of Solves

How does this tool work?

This tool uses a statistical formula called 'confidence intervals' to determine how confident we are in determing your true average.

In a Rubik's Cube solve, there is some variability. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good scramble, and sometimes you get a bad PLL case. This can make it difficult to know your true average.

Confidence intervals tell us how confident we are that the true average is below a certain number. Due to the variability in solves, we can never be 100% confident.

Including more solves in the calculation can make us more confident. However, most solvers improve over time, so we allow you to choose how many of your recent solves to include.

I hope this tool helps you, since asking "Am I sub-X?" is one of the most common questions cubers have!